A Message from our CEO

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: COVID-19, Partnerships Deliver,

For everyone in our local community (and indeed across the world), these times that we find ourselves in are truly confronting and overwhelming. We all know that these challenges are real and means that we need to find practical, clear and respectful ways when living our everyday lives. The ways in which we now show care empathy and love to our families, close friends and work colleagues, requires us to be thoughtful and deliberate. So follow the latest reputable advice about COVID 19 and share it but please avoid the hype and personal guesses and opinions that can be part of social media.

This to update you of the Emergency Management Business Contingency steps we have taken in partnership with our legal auspiced Sunbury Community Health. The very dynamic nature of this situation and the frequency of the information from both Commonwealth and state Governments means we are monitoring events every day and assessing how the HWPCP can best respond and support local services in addressing the spread and impact of the virus. For example, we are very pleased to be working with a group of local services including DPV Health, Whittlesea Community Connections and Banksia Gardens in the development of the a range of COVID 19 posters in community languages which are available for downloading, printing and sharing with all our service in the outer north.

Like all our partner services, we are working creativity and practically in managing our connections with our partners in a number critical projects, most notably our joint involvement with Northern Health in the design, establishment and delivery of the NH SWP COVID-19 Service Response. This means the creation of the virtual communication platform, with all HWPCP staff working from home with full IT and supervisory support. As one service reflected to us about these IT changes and the current focus of the HWPCP during this this pandemic –  “ Its still the same old HWPCP we need -  its just our new way of communicating that’s a bit different….Zoom ? “.

So during these stressful times please continue to listen and act on the official advice of health authorities and show respect and care to everyone - these are qualities and actions that will see us through these difficult moments.

Take care