A shared purpose – a strategic plan for the Department of Health and Human Services

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: Planning & Evaluation, Policy & Practice, Strategic Planning,

The strategic plan outlines DHHS:

  • strategic context – the major trends, both ongoing and new, that are shaping our work
  • strategic directions – how we will design, implement and operate our services to respond to these challenges
  • outcomes framework and key results – which allow us to align our efforts and measure our effectiveness
  • priority actions – what we will do over the next 12 months to allow us to achieve our results.

The refreshed strategic plan:

  • focuses on actions to give Victorians greater control of their own care and break down the barriers in how care is provided
  • presents a greater emphasis on prevention, public health and economic participation, in recognition of the wider social context for health and wellbeing
  • outlines how we will shift our role as system manager and system steward – by strengthening our assurance of the quality and safety of services, including cultural safety – and by making better use of data and evidence to support learning, improvement, innovation and service and infrastructure planning
  • describes our commitment to deeper engagement with our partners and the people we serve, as well as the principles of self-determination for Aboriginal communities
  • introduces our new outcomes framework and leadership charter, which describe how we want to make a difference and how we will measure the impact of our work.