Aboriginal Victorians To Design Representative Body

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing, Treaty,

Aboriginal Victorians will shape how their representative body looks and works through a Community Assembly.


The Aboriginal Treaty Working Group today called for community members to be a part of the new Community Assembly, which provide recommendations to the working group as it designs the statewide body.


The Assembly will be modeled on the successful Geelong Citizens Jury, and Aboriginal Victorians over the age of 18 can apply to become members.

The Assembly will advise on what the representative body should look like, who can be elected to it and who should be able to vote in its elections.


The members of the Assembly will be independently chosen to ensure it is demographically representative of Aboriginal Victorians and it will meet over six days later this year.


Expressions of interest close on 6 October read media release


For more information on how to apply, visit link


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