Australian digital Health Agency – Consultation on digital health strategy closes as opt-out results of My Health Record set for release

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: Digital Health, My Health Record,

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) will officially begin formulating the national digital health strategy after the three-month-long consultation phase closes tomorrow, with a series of proposals to be taken to COAG later in the year and a four-year work plan developed to implement the strategy.

ADHA CEO Tim Kelsey told a public webinar today that the agency will analyse the feedback it has received and meet with the jurisdictions and the Commonwealth, with a series of proposals put to COAG for its approval.  Mr Kelsey also said the evaluations of the opt-out trials of the My Health Record would be released shortly.

Mr Kelsey said the ADHA would not take a prescriptive approach to rolling out digital health, although there will be standards that need to be agreed in order to balance the need for public confidence with the need for innovation in the digital services.

“My personal view is that I think this is the beginning of a revolution, a knowledge revolution, of a kind that we can't fully imagine yet,” he said. “I think there will be a proliferation of services that will sit on top of My Health Record and other parts of the emerging digital infrastructure in Australia that will genuinely transform the way people think about their health and well-being and support their doctors to help them make key decisions.