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The following table provides information regarding agencies that can provide support to both Aboriginal job seekers and employers of Aboriginal people. Supports may include financial assistance, skills development, cultural awareness training for employers, and cultural mentoring support for employees.


Agency Australian Government
Description Information about employment programs and assistance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
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Agency Business Victoria
Description The Employment Start Up for Aboriginal Job Seekers program helps support job seekers with training, mentoring and work placements. The program’s goal is to place at least 755 Aboriginal people into employment by June 2014. This website provides links to agencies across Melbourne and regional Victoria participating in the project.
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Agency Department of Health and Human Services
Description This resource provides information about a range of financial incentive schemes available to employers of Aboriginal people.
Contact Employer Training Funding Guide March 2015

Agency AFL Sportsready
Description AFL Sportsready provides support to prospective employers with a range of culturally appropriate services to help increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and retention. Services include pre-employment training programs; working directly with employers to provide customised support programs for job seekers; identification of suitable candidates for employment; support and mentoring for successful candidates delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentors; and delivery of cultural awareness training to employers to increase their awareness and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture.AFL Sportsready also recruits Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander school students and recent school leavers and matches them with host employers, supporting them to complete a traineeship that leads to a quality on the job experience and a nationally recognised qualification. Traineeships are available full time, part time or school based nationally.
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Agency Aboriginal Employment Strategy
Description The Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) is a 100% Indigenous managed, national, not-for-profit Recruitment Company. The AES grew out of recommendations of the 1991 Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody to establish promotion committees nationwide for Aboriginal employment. Since 1997 the AES has transformed over 12,000 lives through providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with career opportunities. The AES is seen as an innovator and leader in Aboriginal employment and training and provides traineeship services and recruitment services.
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Agency Indigenous Careers & Employment
Description Indigenous Careers & Employment is a new Indigenous owned, Indigenous staffed and operated careers site, connecting Indigenous candidates and people with Indigenous expertise and potential employers.
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Agency Indigenous Employment Australia
Description The Indigenous Employment Australia website aims to provide an important service for Indigenous job seekers and employers in Australia that are committed to increasing the level of employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
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Agency Indigenous Cadetship Support
Description The Indigenous Cadetship Support (ICS) is an Australian Government initiative that improves the professional employment prospects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It links Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary students with employers in a cadetship arrangement involving full-time study and negotiated work placements.

Cadetships enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to gain the professional qualifications and experience needed for a range of jobs in the private, public and community sectors and assists them to move into employment on completion of their studies. The ICS provides up to $7,050 per semester to employers to support cadets with a living allowance and study-related costs and offset employer administration costs.
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Agency Shake a Leg
Description Shake a leg is an Australia wide Indigenous employment agency that provides employment training, post placement mentoring, mentoring for employers, cross cultural training for workplaces, regional strategies, recruitment and retention plans, tailored assistance to meet the needs of large corporate employers, working with industries experiencing skills shortages, workforce development strategies in areas of government service delivery, cadetships, training, training and mentoring of Indigenous people to become Apprentices and Trainees, work focused literacy and numeracy assistance, promoting the success of peer role models. Employers may be eligible for a $4,000 rebate.
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