On this page you will find support for 2018-2019 Diversity Planning and Practice for CHSP and HACC-PYP programs

Resource to support Diversity Reviews for 2018-2019

North Metro Region Diversity Planning Summary report 2018-2019

2018-2019 Snapshot into Diversity planning and practices priorities for the North Metro Region

2018-2019 Diversity and Wellness and Reablement Information Kits and Diversity Planning Templates 

Diversity Planning in Victoria Statewide Review of 2016–17 Planning Cycle

2018-2019 Diversity Data Profiles for North Metro region

Data for Diversity Characteristics to support your 2018-2019 Diversity Plan 

Suggested Strategies and Partnerships for each Diversity Characteristic

Aligning Diversity with Standards

Example of a Diversity Plan

Useful Links & Contacts