Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership sources a range of resources to support organisations to find smarter ways of making the health system worker better. Our resources are continuously being updated to reflect the changing health and community environment.  So be sure to keep visiting this page.

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Client Services

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Is gambling affecting your relationships?


ReSPIN is a prevention project run by North East Primary Care Partnership. The project recruits, trains and supports a pool of community educators to talk to community members, groups, media and professionals about their experiences (including family members affected by a loved one’s gambling)

Gambling PRevention

The Guide takes an evidence-based approach to planning problem gambling health promotion interventions

Social Outings: Don’t Gamble with your Group has been developed for social, senior and ethnic groups





This short film reveals the true nature of poker machines and their ability to exploit our psychology to make players feel like they are winning when they're not.