Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership sources a range of resources to support organisations to find smarter ways of making the health system worker better. Our resources are continuously being updated to reflect the changing health and community environment.  So be sure to keep visiting this page.

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Optimising health literacy to improve health and equity

The AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, 2nd edition, can help primary care practices reduce the complexity of health care, increase patient understanding of health information, and enhance support for patients of all health literacy levels.


Victorian Primary Care Partnerships - Online Health Literacy Course. Training information can be found here.  Course link here.


A guide to becoming a health literate organisation

Preventing Chronic Disease - How Does Australia Score? A scorecard on the implementation of WHO recommended
interventions to reduce preventable chronic disease.

Inside our Food and Beverage Manufacturers (2018). This research study assessed the largest Australian food companies on their polices and commitments related to obesity prevention and nutrition, across three major food industry sectors: supermarkets, food and beverage manufacturers, and quick service restaurants. The objective was to highlight where Australian food companies are demonstrating leadership in relation to obesity prevention and nutrition, and identify areas for improvement.​