Early Intervention and Integrated Care occurs when health services work with clients and their carers to provide a coordinated, seamless and integrated approach to deliver responsive and person centered care.

Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership provides capacity building to support agencies to deliver an integrated approach to chronic disease service delivery. It does so by facilitating clinical practice improvement initiatives, strengthening community action and workforce development.

The Department of Health and Human Services produces a range of resources and supporting documents to support agencies implement a systems improvement approach in the early intervention and management of clients who present with chronic and complex care needs. Visit the Department's Integrated Chronic Disease Management page.


Manspeak: Tips on how to be a great mate (R U OK?)

mindhealthconnect is the easy way to find mental health and wellbeing information, support and services from Australia’s leading health providers, together in one place. Supported by the Australian Government, mindhealthconnect helps you to find information you can trust.

Victoria's 10 Year Mental Health Plan (2015)

Wherever you are on your mental health journey, Head to Health is here to help you find the information, resources, and services that most suit your needs. Whether you want to improve your overall sense of wellbeing, or you need help with something that is concerning you, or you are helping someone you care about—Head to Health can point you to great online mental health resources.

Dementia Australia's Help Sheets provide advice, common sense approaches and practical strategies on a wide range of subjects. These Help Sheets are available in more than 30 languages.


RES - Beyondblue

Mental Health Support


Ssupport for people living with mental illness to improve their health, live independently and pursue a life based on their own strengths, values and goal.

Victoria's National Younger Onset Dementia Online Forum

Mind Australia (formerly ARAFEMI) is a non-profit community based mental illness organisation, which works from a recovery perspective - professional & carer training information.


Diabetes Australia Information for Mental Health Staff

Victorian suicide prevention framework 2016-2025

RES - Alcohol and Drugs diagnosis

Alcohol and other drugs dual diagnosis technical paper mental health

RES - MH&WB for children

Mental health and wellbeing of children technical paper mental health plan

RES - MH&WB for young people

Mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 25 technical paper mental health plan

RES - MH&WB for older people

Mental health and wellbeing of older people technical paper mental health plan

RES - MH&WB for aboriginal

Mental health and Aboriginal people and communities technical paper mental health plan

RES - MH&WB  for refugees

People from refugee backgrounds including asylum seekers technical paper mental health plan

RES - Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention technical paper mental health plan

RES - Trauma and MH

Trauma and mental health technical paper mental health plan

Men's Social Connectedness (Beyond Blue, 2014)

Saving lives. Saving money. The case for better investment in Victorian mental health.  Mental Health Victoria (2018)

Eastern Melbourn PHN Integrated Mental Health and AOD Service Atlas (east and north-east Melbourne)


RES - Beyondblue

Professional Education to Aged Care (PEAC) program

RES - Diabetes Training

Diabetes Australia Online Training for Mental Health Staff

RES - Mind matters

Training program for secondary schools to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people


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