Service Coordination Tool Templates

The Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT) is a suite of templates developed to facilitate and support service coordination. The SCTT support the collection and recording of initial contact, initial needs identification, referral and coordinated care planning information in a standardised way. Using the SCTT can improve communication between service providers, the recording of information generated by screening and assessment processes, information sharing, and the quality of referrals and feedback between service providers. This can assist service providers to share relevant information to support better outcomes for consumers.

Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT) Online Learning Module

The SCTT Online Module has been developed to support the implementation of the SCTT 2012 suite of templates.  The SCTT Online Learning Module provides a platform for organisations to train their existing and new staff in the use of the SCTT 2012 suite of templates. SCTT training can therefore be targeted to align with the release of SCTT 2012 in an organisation’s software application so that SCTT training is available as SCTT 2012 becomes available to users.

SCCT Online Learning Module