HWPCP to Coordinate Catchment Focused Prevention Planning

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: Integrated Health Promotion, Planning & Evaluation, Policy & Practice, Population Health, Prevention,

HWPCP and 22 partners came together 30/9/2015 for a full day sessions to explore a coordinated catchment based approach to Health Promotion (HP) and Prevention work across Melbourne’s outer Northern Growth corridor. This exciting and important event was facilitated by Dr Helen Keleher and held at the Hume Global Learning Centre, Craigieburn (a world class venue!) Most importantly this planning forum represented such a timely opportunity for all HP / Prevention services in the outer Northern growth corridor to come together for the first time and better understand the importance of shared prevention systems thinking and terminology as well hearing about a range of Integrated HP / Prevention programs in this emerging catchment.

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The session was also about Prevention service providers from across Hume, Whittlesea & Mitchell LGAs meeting to explore catchment based planning ‘outside’ of our immediate boundaries – what does this look like in practical terms ?  Helen further invited the audience to examine a number of critical and provocative reform questions such as - if we are looking at the key issues for children and families then what do we know?  What are the gaps in our knowledge?  What sectors and settings are currently doing preventative work on those determinants / factors?  Which sectors are the most appropriate for what types of actions? 

The day was an exciting platform for all attendees to showcase initiatives which reflected both the rich diversity and quality of local prevention work. It also highlighted those opportunities where greater shared effort was both possible and necessary between all prevention services (including PCP, hospital, community health, council, education, state government and PHN) in order to address future growth demand.

Key comments received from the day:   “long overdue – sincere thanks”

“reignited my enthusiasm for cross LGA collaboration”

“yes!!  Appreciate leadership being provided from PCP (When asked:  Is there a need for further work around aligning current prevention plans across the catchment?)

Strengthening the Hume, Whittlesea and Mitchell Prevention system by effective and catchment based planning by services, was a key commitment from forum members.  To meet and support this direction, the HW PCP was able to confirm that it be able to provide project leadership support and guidance in the establishment of the proposed Outer Northern Prevention Taskforce. The Taskforce will be seeking to convene its first meeting before the end of 2015 and aims to set a framework to coordinate catchment focused prevention planning.