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Over 5 million people have a My Health Record, with an average of 1 new record being created every 38 seconds.

Over 13,707,210 prescription and dispense records have been uploaded.

Over 10,486 healthcare providers are connected, including GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, aged care residential services, allied health.

Over 3 million clinical documents uploaded.

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Benefits of having a My Health Record

  1. Better Access
  2. Improved Safety
  3. More Convenient
  4. Strong Security
  5. Privacy Matters

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New My Health Record resources released

We have published new resources to assist healthcare providers understand their privacy obligations under the My Health Record system.

My Health Record is an Australian Government initiative to provide secure online summaries of individuals’ health information. A My Health Record allows an individual’s doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to view the individual’s health information, in accordance with their access controls. Individuals are also able to access their record online.

As the independent regulator for the privacy aspects of the My Health Record system, the OAIC is working with the health sector as it prepares for the system to become opt-out by the end of 2018.

The resources are:

  1. Guide to Mandatory Data Breach Notification in the My Health Record system
  2. Ways you can protect patient privacy when using the My Health Record system
  3. Handling personal information in the My Health Record system
  4. My Health Record Data Breach Response Plan (PDF 356KB)


Videos are also available:

  1. Privacy and the My Health Record system
  2. Handling sensitive information in the My Health Record system
  3. Data breach requirements in the My Health Record system


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