Online Health Literacy Course

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: Capacity Building, Health Literacy, Population Health,

VicPCP have launched the Online Health Literacy Course.

The course is available free of charge at (we recommend using Chrome as your internet browser) or you can request a free version to be embedded in your internal Learning Management System from

This course will increase your knowledge for health literacy and ability to implement health literacy improvements in your organisation.  The health literacy course has been developed to support the practice of being responsive to health literacy needs throughout your organisation.  While it has been designed with health organisations in mind, it is also relevant to organisations with local government, community and human services sectors

After completing this course, you will have an understanding of:

  • What health literacy responsiveness is
  • Your role in improving health literacy responsiveness
  • How health literacy improvements can be implemented within your organisation

Who should undertake this course?

This course is suitable for all staff, regardless of their existing knowledge of health literacy.  The modules have been designed with the learning needs of different people in mine, but you are welcome to complete them all more information


Access to online Health Literacy Course