Hume City Council was one of the successful recipients of the HWPCP 2018 Member Grants Scheme.

The HumeXplorer initiative seeks to promote outdoor, nature-based play opportunities that increase physical activity amongst Hume City children aged three to eight years.   Launching in April 2019 the HumeXplorer project will utilise three distinct strategies to achieve its aims and objectives.

The HumeXplorer Passport

The HumeXplorer passport will include a series of challenges or ‘missions’ which will require children to visit local parks and open spaces and to undertake activities that encourage physical movement, exploration and interaction in the environment.

The Adventure Passports will be promoted and made available from key locations including Hume City Council customer service centers, local libraries, hubs, leisure centers, maternal and child health centers and other community spaces and facilities and ordered online. Parents will be encouraged to register their passport.

‘Walk with Words’ - stories in Hume parks or natural spaces

‘Walk with Words’ will involve dividing a children’s story book into individual pages/ sections and placing these on small signs along a walking route in a local park/open space. Accompanied by a parent, children will be required to walk along the route to unveil each successive page/section of the story. Signs will be installed at eye level of young children and spread along an appropriate distance.  At the end of the story route, parents and children will be encouraged to sign a guest book. This will allow participants to note what they enjoyed about the story, things they saw in the park and other things that could make their next visit to the park/open space better.

Deliver three Nature Play Week events

Nature Play Week is a national week which celebrates and promotes children exploring nature in their local areas.  The Hume Nature Play Week events will provide an opportunity for families to engage in nature play activities and showcase parks and natural spaces in the Hume municipality.

Nature Play Week is held between 11 and 22 of April and the events will be held on different days during the week and across three locations in Hume.

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