The SVfGN seeks to continue securing a strategic focus on the ‘upstream and downstream’ prevention and direct service needs of our diverse community. As catchment based partnership the SVfGN, its work is importantly framed by the core elements of a wellbeing and health in all policy approach.  The SVfGN will uphold primary focus on ensuring that its catchment-level objectives are systematically derived from and therefore directly support local placed based activities delivered by member services. To this end, catchment work of the SVfGN will be most effective by adding to and using (not duplicating) existing LGA and catchment plans.


To improve the wellbeing and health of current and future populations in the Northern Growth Corridor.


To respond to the challenges of the growing demand for health and community services in the Northern Growth Corridor by:

Supporting information sharing and networking between organisations which provide, plan or support health & community services and prevention activities

Identifying & supporting the development and implementation of opportunities for collaborative service responses and prevention activities to respond to and reduce the future demand on the service system

Informing & influencing governments and other organisations with a responsibility for policy development and program funding.

For more information please refer to the December 2018 Final Report link