A Shared Vision for the Growing North Initiative


In August 2017, a working party was formed to determine that the role of the iCope Implementation Project Working Group was to oversee, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the iCope Digital Screening Platform for vulnerable women across the Shared Vision for the Growing North’s catchment area.  This group identified that there would be five phases for a complete roll out of the screening platform across the northern region.

Phase 1 was the roll out of the iCope Perinatal Screening platform into the community sector.  This project was a partnership between Dianella Health, Plenty Valley Community Health, Hume City Council Maternity and Child Health and COPE.

Phase 2 is the implementation of the program into Northern Health.   Without the participation of Northern Health, the validity and success of the program in the northern region of Melbourne would be limited.

Phase 3 is the development of an audio-based digital platform.

Project to Date

Service Agreement:  Service has been agreed and signed by COPE, Northern Health and Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership.

This service agreement includes the translations (both written and audio) of the screening tool into the following community languages:

  • - Arabic
  • - Persian
  • - Farsi
  • - Vietnamese
  • - Chin Hakka
  • - Dinka
  • - Dari
  • - Tamil
  • - Turkish
  • - Mandarin
  • - Cantonese
  • - Punjabi


The Screening tool and administration console has been amended to suit Northern Health work practices.

15 iPads have been purchased and have been configured by Northern Health I/T Department.

Screening program has commenced at Northern Health.

Evaluation proposal has been forwarded to ethics committee for approval.

Further Funds for Screening

The LNP has committed $16.6 million to support the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) in its work to build better emotional and mental health and resilience for pregnant women, fathers and new mothers, complemented by $20 million to boost digital screening in public hospitals through a national partnership agreement.   Cope Media Release

If you require any further information, please contact Mandy Shields

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