Single Page Screener of Health and Social Needs: Translated 5 Community Languages

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: CALD, eHealth & Service Coordination,

Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership has translated the Single Page Screener of Health and Social Needs into five community languages:  Arabic, Greek, Italian, Macedonian and Vietnamese.

This single page screener is part of the suite of Service Coordination Template Tools (SCTT), and its purpose is to assist service providers to screen for consumer needs.

This page is designated an optional tool to the core SCTTs, however the questions contained in the single page screener are considered by the HWPCP as critical to good quality screening of health and social needs such as difficulty with daily tasks (e.g. dressing, showering), health conditions (e.g. heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure), financial situation, gambling, and prevention of family violence.

If you would like to use this translated tool to screen for your client’s health needs – please access here link