Vic PCP Mental Health Initiatives

Posted by Sharyn Rognrust, Category: iCOPE, Pregnancy, Prevention, Refugee & Asylum Seeker Health,

The Mental Health Royal Commission seeks to set a course of action which will guide major changes to the state’s system to support the Victorian’s with mental illness, including those at risk of suicide. In support of this vital work by the Royal Commission and based on the long-standing mental health work undertaken by PCP’s across the State, the Victorian Statewide PCP Executive has lodged a detailed submission for consideration by the Royal Commission.

The submission outlines both current limitations of the Mental Health service platform and most importantly, reform recommendations and PCP Case Studies. These selected PCP Case Studies are evidence based solutions and options in addressing both the preventative and advanced clinical care needs for Victorian’s experiencing mental illness.

Please note – one of the highlighted Case Studies presented in the Victorian PCP Royal Commission submission, is the current joint Northern Hospital – HWPCP iCOPE Perinatal Screening Tool Project.

Please download a copy of the Vic PCP Submission to the Royal Commission into Mental Health July 2018 Report and have a read – and as always, if you have any queries please feel free to contact us at the HWPCP on 8401 1394.

For more information about the iCope Perinatal Digital Screening Project please visit the HWPCP website link