Sector Change Management and Support activities in Victoria are funded by the Department of Health Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Home and Community Care - Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP).  The activities aim to support both governments, sector support positions and funded organisations to manage change occurring across the aged and disability sectors.

This incorporates the following strategies:

  1. Supporting CHSP and HACC-PYP organisations to be informed so that they can respond effectively to change in Aged Care and HACC-PYP;
  2. Gathering intelligence on system wide issues, risks and opportunities;
  3. Facilitating the embedding of a service delivery system change to put wellness and reablement first increasing client independence, wellbeing and satisfaction; and
  4. Enhancing access to services to those most marginalised.


A regional sector development team is in each of the nine Aged Care Planning Regions to build partnerships, share information and support providers to manage change and to improve service access and service delivery.  Each team consists of a Wellness and Reablement Consultant (formerly ASM IC), Diversity Advisor (DA), Aboriginal Development Officer (ADO) and Regional Development Coordinator (RDC).

Each Sector Development team member has a specific set of priorities, accountabilities and expectations about how to work together to maximise the effectiveness of the change agenda.

Wellness and Reablement Consultant

Wellness and Reablement Consultants (WRCs) support CHSP and HACC-PYP organisations to implement and wellness and reablement approach.  More specifically the role:

  • - is the key communication point for wellness and reablement developments and information;
  • - assists organisations to gain a consistent understanding of the wellness and reablement policy development work that the Commonwealth is currently undertaking; and
  • - provides practical operational support on Wellness and Reablement as a broad sustainable change management and quality improvement strategy, including planning.


The North Metro Wellness and Reablement Consultant is Carolyn Bolton: / M: 0499 784 465

Diversity Advisor

The Diversity Advisory’s role aims to improve the capacity of the service system to support equitable access to services for eligible people that embraces their diversity, characteristics and life experiences and responds appropriately to their needs.  The DA role includes:

  • - promoting and facilitating diversity planning and practice in CHSP and HACC-PYP organisations; and
  • - facilitating networks, forums and partnerships to ensure collaborative approaches are encouraged, developed and implemented that address diversity issues at the regional and local level.


The North Metro Diversity Advisor is Lisa Tribuzio: / M: 0417 372 031


Aboriginal Development Officer

ADOs support CHSP and HACC-PYP staff and organisations to improve access to services for Aboriginal people through culturally responsive services.  ADOs also support Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) to provide services in their communities.  The ADO role includes:

  • - coordinating regular CHSP/HACC-PYP Aboriginal service provider regional network meetings and facilitating communication between the network and state-wide Victorian Committee for Aboriginal Aged Care and Disability (VCAACD); and
  • - supporting the development of partnerships between ACCOs and mainstream CHSP and HACC-PYP providers.


The North Metro Aboriginal Development Officer is Darren Atkinson :  / P: 0459 375 194 or 03 9480 7777


Regional Development Coordinator

The key role of the RDC is to facilitate and support organisations to understand and prepare for change and reform in the aged care and disability service sectors.  The RDC role includes the following main functions:

  • - Collecting information at the regional level about market capacity, service gaps, risks and opportunities;
  • - Informing DoH and DHHS about systemic issues and trends;
  • - Directing providers to information about the CHSP and HACC-PYP and sharing this information at regional alliances; and
  • - Supporting alliances, networks and partnerships to promote collaborative service delivery and share good practice.


The North Metro Regional Development Coordinator can be contacted by email /M: 0477 398 297


North Metro Community Care Alliance

The North Metro Community Care Alliance (NMCCA) is a key forum for communication and collaboration between funded organisations in the region as well as a conduit between Department of Health and Department of Health and Human Services and the funded sector.

Sector development team members bring local issues to the Alliance meeting for discussion, consideration and action as relevant.

Alliance leadership groups/Executive do not direct or oversee the work of the sector development team members.

For more information, visit the North Metro Community Care Alliance website

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Keeping you connected

North Metro Sector Development e-Bulletin
The aim of the e-Bulletin is to provide the North Metro Sector Development Team with the opportunity to communicate directly with staff working across Home and Community Care - Program for Younger People funded organisations.  The e-Bulletin is produced every month.

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