Prevention at Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership

The Victorian State Government funds 28 Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) which serve to improve access to services and continuity of care for people through improved service coordination, as well as chronic disease prevention, integrated prevention, and partnership development. As part of its overall partnership approach to enabling service system reform, integrated health promotion work by the PCPs refers to :

'agencies and organisations from a wide range of sectors and communities in a catchment (local area) working in collaboration using a mix of health promotion interventions and capacity building strategies to address priority health and wellbeing issues.' 

The research literature sees partnerships as a mechanism for progressing integrated approaches in order to achieve results beyond the scope of just one agency. Integrated health promotion through Primary Care Partnerships has created highly developed networks that engage different sectors and stakeholders and use a mix of interventions and capacity building strategies to address priority health and wellbeing issues.

In order to achieve both an effective and efficient prevention system, PCPs recognise the importance of :

1.         Effective partnerships from across a broad range of sectors

2.         A planned mix of systemic interventions

3.         Common planning framework grounded on shared evidence and objectives

Work by the HW PCP will continually seek to create opportunities for coordinated and strong shared leadership for prevention across the Hume Whittlesea catchment. This will achieved by supporting and encouraging all PCP members to adopt a coordinated and systems approach to prevention and prioritize both ‘down and upstream’ focused work in their prevention efforts.

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